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The writers all have various opinions that do not neccessarily represent those of Tybee Beachcomber LLC


I asked Alan what it meant for him to be asked to be the Big Kahuna and he gave me a big ol grin and said, “I feel honored!” Alan loves the diversity of the Beach Bum in that every one of all ages can come and enjoy the festivities! It’s not for one age bracket or person and it’s interactive.  Naturally, I had to ask Alan what he was going to wear (this day and age it’s a must know question, y’all). He pondered for a moment and said, ‘A wet suit for sure. Maybe a mask and snorkel.’ I say look for this long haired Big Kahuna wearing a kayak and aim for him!!


The Queen, Esther Guy, was up next and I was looking forward to it. Having seen Essie driving around on her motorized cooler (with real beer inside, y’all), I was dying to talk to her and get to the bottom of this fabulous lady! Esther has been a Tybeeite since 1984! She is a retired lady of leisure now, but for 22 years she was a Recreational Therapist at Georgia Regional! You know she’s got some stories from that (For those in the unknow, GA Regional is a facility for those of us who cannot make wise life decisions...).  


Essie says that she was drawn to Tybee because it is such a welcoming place and she has met so many wonderful people here. Unfortunately, many great friends have passed, but the memories are there and some of her fondest are of the old softball days when it wasn’t just about the game, it was about surviving the damn thing! She thinks she really made it as an official Local when Earl’s Grill (located at the time just up from where the Wind Rose is today), put her name on the antique mirror behind the bar. You know you hit the big time when Earl took the time to write you down!!


When Jack Boylston called Essie to ask her to be the Queen, Essie initially thought it was an April Fool’s joke and was shocked! After Jack convinced her it was legit, she remembers thinking that she had some big shoes to fill. They don’t just ask anybody! Essie feels blessed and is looking forward to representing. She loves the Beach Bum Parade because she loves to people watch and there is such a variety of people that can participate and everyone enjoys the festivities. I asked Essie what she was going to wear. She wasn’t sure. So many options! The one thing we do know, is that her squirt gun is going to be filled with Miller Lite and she will be shooting herself in the face! LOL!!


Our Grand Marshall is Johnny Herald and everyone knows him as The Bug Man. For years, I never knew his name, he was just The Bug Man. You have to love Tybee and her nicknamed inhabitants! Johnny’s been a Tybee guy for going on 30 years now. Born in Savannah at Hunter (maybe he and Alan met then??), Johnny was a military brat too.  


Johnny has had an adventurous life! He learned to sing and play the guitar at age nine, which was quickly followed by the piano and a variety of instruments. Music is his passion and when he got older, he made it his business - working as not only a recording artist, but also a writer and producer. He started the Johnny Herald Band and toured Europe extensively back in the day and was much touted on the radio. He also spent time working in television as both an engineer and a film director! That life sounds like a great autobiography! After what sounds like one hell of a ride, Johnny eventually settled down where he was meant to be and married his lovely wife, Rose. Retiring from the music scene, he began working for Cox Termite & Pest Control and has been there for the last 28 years. Don’t worry though, music is still in his blood and he was invited to perform at the party for the restoration of the Tybee Post Theater in 2008!


When Jack called Johnny to ask him to be the Grand Marshall, Johnny got real quiet. The responsibility of it all!!!! Then he felt the honor bestowed upon him and gladly accepted this prestigious accolade. Johnny may feel a bit nervous, but when he dons his formal raincoat attire for the parade, it’s going to be with nerves of steel and big happy smile!


Kudos go out to Jack Boylston and the Beach Bum team for picking three of the best, most suited people for this task!  


Now having been introduced to the Beach Bum Court of 2018, here are some need to know details:


• The Coronation will be held at The Deck (previously known as Marlin Monroes) on Wednesday, May 9th.  Happy Hour starts at 5:30 with a courtesy buffet beginning at 6:30 and the grand presentation at 7:30. Savannah Steve will be providing the music and the whole party is open to one and all. Do keep in mind that these times are all on Tybee Time and it will happen sooner, later and eventually!


• The Beach Bum Parade is Friday, May 18th, at 6:30pm, and begins in the North Beach Parking lot. You will find the parade application somewhere in this delightful page turner and new floats and participants are not only welcome, but happily encouraged!  


• Additionally, Beach Bum one of a kind T-shirts are for sale for $20 and are available for purchase at the IGA.  


It is going to be a hell of a good time and I want you to be there and bring your friends!!  


Here at the Beachcomber, we do like to be somewhat responsible and keeping that in mind, we are printing our annual list of Do’s and Don’ts. Please read them and adhere to them. However, in the spirit of just naughty, if you are absolutely flat out determined to spray a police officer, please have your buddy take a picture of you doing that so we can laugh and laugh and laugh at you before you go to jail! Have fun y’all!!!