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Originally from Buffalo, New York, and relocating to Savannah from North Carolina about 13 years ago, Jen has been in several bands over the years and you can tell by her energetic, no holds barred performances, that music is in her blood. So humble and thankful that people follow them from bar to bar to catch their shows, you can really tell that this group more than enjoys what they are doing.


You can catch the band at several different locations in Savannah in the next month or so, May 4th at Islands Sports Bar on Wilmington Island, May 17th at Molly MacPherson’s in Pooler and June 1st back at Doc’s Bar on Tybee Island. You can also find them on Facebook at @outlawgypsyband. If you haven’t had a chance to catch these cats live yet, then I highly recommend making it a priority, you will be more than glad you did!