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   November was rolling and I was cracking the whip to get this mag back in time for us to place the stickers in our December issue. I had 3,999 peppermint Christmas themed Scratch ‘N Sniffs and one sheet of pickles for that special issue. My problem? Every single magazine needed to have a Scratch ‘N Sniff sticker placed inside. I needed victi … er … help! I threw myself into Dizzy Dean’s (they typically solve all of my problems) and bought one of everything, with an open bar in mind. With two gallons of vodka, two cases of Bud Light, two bottles of Egg Nog (laced with Jim Beam), a box of Chardonnay and a bottle of red, what could possibly go wrong??  

   Johnny Shepard, Cheryl Kerby, Betsey Jenkins, Joy Baker, David Eduardo and Jummy Prosser all answered the call (they must have been super bored). Four hours later, we got it done. At the bitter end, the sole survivors were Johnny, Cheryl, Jummy and myself. Cheryl really was the only one standing. Jummy had blacked out, I was wobbling and Johnny was giggling – all very bad signs. Everything was hilarious and my house looked like a magazine had exploded inside of it.

   The truly best part is you can totally tell who ‘handled’ your magazine by seeing where the stickers are placed: Betsey and Joy were being creative by placing the sticker in front of Santa’s face like he was blowing a bubble. David was being proper and placing his in the clouds.  Jummy placed his stickers by Santa’s private parts (both front and back) and Johnny and Cheryl placed theirs in similar inappropriate places. It really didn’t help when Johnny got his hands on a Sharpie. What I am saying is “I am sorry we got drunk and had fun with your Scratch ‘N Sniff stickers.” (I’m not sorry at all and neither is anyone else).

   After all of the craziness of pulling this contest off, I have to say it was so much fun and I am flat out delighted to announce that we do have a Pickle Winner!!! Kasey Jordan is our winner, who just so happens to have gotten married to the love of her life, Shrimper Brian, just last week in a super-secret ceremony in Mike Manitta and Joey Goralczyk’s kitchen! Perfect timing to win a $200 photography package from the renowned Wen McNally!!! That means we don’t have to get them a wedding present! Right? Congratulations newlyweds!!!

   So yes. I will have a pickle party next year! It was all worth it and so much fun (from what they tell me)!!! The evening went on after that, but that story is for the afterhours edition of the Beachcomber. If you really want to know, ask Jummy. He remembers – LOL!!