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The writers all have various opinions that do not neccessarily represent those of Tybee Beachcomber LLC


Welcome to the Tybee Beachcomber website!  I know I am biased, but even the harshest critic has to admit that this website is awesome!  Informative and fun, the Beachcomber offers everything that one could want to discover and enjoy on Tybee Island as well as across the bridge.  Created for both locals and tourists alike, the Beachcomber answers all of your questions about what to do and where to go for a good time!  If you would like to contribute your event to our website, please let us know.  We would be more than happy to get the news out for one and all.  Thank you for visiting and go have fun at the beach!

All of the Tybee Beachcomber writers were faced with three questions:  How long you have you lived on Tybee?  What do you want to be when you grow up? What is your passion?  Introducing our new team of writers:  In no particular order as all are equally fabulous!


Mike "Fuzzy" Manitta Music and Food  

Tybee Life:  Nine years

I want to be:  A Pro Bowler

My Passion:  Music, days off and Jameson


Dr. Joe Richardson Beach walks with Dr. Joe

Tybee Life:  30 + years

I want to be:  A Marine Biologist

My Passion:  Being on the beach, finding things (animals) and talking about them

Joey Goralczyk aka Joey G Cab Tales and Street Talk

Tybee Life:  Ten years

I want to be:  A History Professor

My Passion:  Southbound IPA, music and hanging out with good people

Margie McLellan  Magical Layout Editor

Tybee Life:  17 years

I want to be:  Still dont know

My Passion:  Family, friends and Tybee

Rick Flynn Graphic Wizard 

Tybee Life:  8 years

I want to be:  Lucky

My Passion:  Creating visual perfection

Nell Klein Book Review

Tybee Life:  19 years

I want to be:  A basketball star (grown up  get it?)

My Passion:  Reading

Alaina Loughridge  Ad Sales, Movie Review, Editor, Shapeshifter, Voodoo, etc.

Tybee Life:  Eight years

I want to be: A Pulitzer Prize winning author (DO NOT think 50 Shades of anything)

My Passion:  Reading and writing  to hell with arithmetic (purple because aliens dont wear hats)

Hollie Sessoms Reflections

Tybee Life:  17 years in heart

I want to be:  Young again

My Passion:  Spaces in between, Sunday afternoon and fall leaves that crunch underneath

Woody Hemphill From the Rivers End

Tybee Life:  9 years

I want to be:  A happy dude

My Passion:  business, entrepreneurship, having a blast and helping other folks to enjoy themselves (especially when on vacation)

The absolute support of the community has been breathtakingly overwhelming.  There are so many people that have contributed.  Whether you laid in the sand, bought an ad in January for February when you are selling beach chairs, liked us, or even spoken out loud, the support is clear and true.  Thank you.  Lets do this.  Together.  Community.  Friends.  Family.  Tybee.  Lets all take that leap of faith!

Nick Shreves Fish Whisperer

Tybee Life: 9 years.

I want to be:  I tried to grow up once.  It was no fun, so I don't think I will try it again.

My Passion:  Fishing, mining and good friends.


Wen Mcnally Amazing Photographer

Tybee Life:  4 years

I want to be:  Forever young

My Passion:  Living like there is no tomorrow

Sarah Chambers  YMCA 

Tybee Life:  3 years

I want to be:  The head of my own non-profit, a landlord and house flipper, a licensed psychologist and travel the world getting paid for my awesome instagram and blogging skills.

My Passion:  Helping others, music, singing, family and friends.

Jimmy Prosser Staff Writer 

Tybee Life:  3 years

I want to be:  Rich and skinny.  Also married with a family.

My Passion:  Friends, dining out, wine and computer games.

Paul Cales  Writer of Tybee Island Zombies

Tybee Life:  10 years

I want to be:  A professional beach bum (SUCCESS)

My passion:  Fishing and zombies