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   If y’all are anything like me, you wait until the last bitter, horrible moment to commence your Christmas shopping. Then in your rush to complete the shipping to Timbuktu and get all your horribly wrong gifts wrapped and to the post office, you are super stressed out. Then you have to deal with those gifts that you are handing over eyeball to eyeball. Those are the people you really have to avoid eye contact with because they know you half-assed it and waited until the last nth of a second. If you are one of those that shop throughout the year, well, you are an anomaly of a human being, and that having been said, I don’t think you are human. Anyway, back to me: Every year I try to be better than the year prior. That objective has yet to be obtained, but I am always hopeful!

   So, keeping that in mind this year, Shop Local! I have ideas for you to make your Christmas, if not stress free (HA), then most certainly less crazy. Most all of the local shops will ship for you (which is a ginormous relief), but who in their right mind wouldn’t want a coffee and a cup from the Tybean? I have four so I can vouch for their awesomeness. Here are some excellent ideas to help the slack-asser in all of us have a productive, happy holiday:

• Our island restaurants provide a huge amount of ideas for even your most stubborn relative. There is nothing like getting a “Shuck Me, Suck Me, Eat Me Raw” shirt or koozie from Bernie’s to say Merry Christmas from Tybee! A-J’s Dockside has a veritable gift shop of shirts, hoodies, koozies and other items that are colorful and cool, and anyone on this planet is going to enjoy representing our best Back River restaurant. Spanky’s is super fun with their ‘chicken finger’ apparel, cups and koozies too. That could go either way for someone you really like or just someone you want to give the finger to! Ha! If you go to Sundae Café and get a gift certificate for a special someone, they will literally roll over and purr for you. Same goes for 80 East Gastro Pub! Another Back River favorite is Bubba Gumbo’s, and you can find a variety of shirts and koozies to make a terrific gift basket for Uncle Andy in Yakima, Washington.

   Well where did the year go? Seems like just yesterday we were doing that thing: You know, that thing where we lay on the beach and drink margaritas and dream happy thoughts. Oh wait!  We can still do that! What a blessing that we live where we do. With the weather maintaining (fingers crossed) its mostly happy face, we have been able to skate right through November on sand encrusted flip flops and surf right on into December with a sunburn. Love it!!


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