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The writers all have various opinions that do not neccessarily represent those of Tybee Beachcomber LLC


   I am beyond excited about this month’s cover and feature story about our Tybee Ocean Rescue team! These men and women literally put their lives on the line to save us from ourselves. It really was an honor to meet and interview the crew and share this feature story with you. Please read it and the next time you see your friendly, neighborhood lifeguard, give them a hug! Also, a special shout out to the four that jumped off the pier!! I am partially jealous (that is a $1,000 fine for you and me), partially petrified and 100% impressed!

   This month’s Traveling Beachcomber winners are Joy and Harmony Clements who traveled all the way to Amsterdam to share this fantastic photo with us! Thank you ladies!!! You both look beautiful!! Off to A-J’s you go! I highly recommend those Watermelon Margaritas!!

   I haven’t received any Tybee Tattoo Tales yet (well, at least those I could print). Come on people. Don’t be shy. You can even be anonymous! So on that note, we have got a fantastic issue at your fingertips! Stop what you are doing and get your read on!!