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Jesse made the classic error of wandering into the Wind Rose looking for something to eat, and once I had my sights locked on him, there was no escape!  One thing lead to another and Jesse wrote a great story for us about his weekend adventure on Tybee. He had a great time, as you will read, but I want to do my own special “Thank You” and “Shout Out” to Julie Livingston with Tybee Golf Carts, Greg Stoeffler at The Desoto, John Yarbrough at Spanky’s Beachside, Melissa Turner at the Tybee Post Theater, Dr. Joe Richardson (Beach Walks with Dr. Joe), Alan & Jackie Burn at A-J’s Dockside and Jenny Orr at Fannie’s on the Beach! Thanks y’all for extending a Tybee welcome!

   I am beside myself to announce this month’s Traveling Beachcomber winner is Lisa Lepofsky! She took us to a country we have not been to yet: Cambodia! Specifically, Angkor Wat, Cambodia! Thanks, Lisa!!! I owe you some A-J’s munchies and drinks! Call me! I want to hear all about your trip! While I am on the subject of the Travelling BC, please be patient! I do get your pictures and I adore every single one. We will get to you! Promise!

   It’s March. Weather is getting better. Traffic is going to get worse. Let the games begin. Go make yourself useful: Rocks, no salt for me please, and then turn the page...