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That being barfed out, let’s get down to the dirty. The Easter Egg Hunt was as usual super entertaining. The answer to the most frequently asked question is Yes. There is an Easter Egg on Chief Bryson’s shirt insignia. I’m telling y’all, Rick is getting cleverer as we go! The winner of the 2018 Easter Egg Hunt is Heather Sheffield and she will be receiving a $50 gift certificate from Latitude 32 for all of her hard work!!!!! Thank you and all the other entrants for being super bored and submitting your entry!!!


Now, on to the Tybee Signature Cocktail Contest. I would first like to give kudos to Stephen Palmer of Stephen Palmer Weddings for coming up with this brilliant idea! Not only can he get you married, he is a super smart guy and thinks of fun things to do! This particular contest is brilliant and I am thrilled to announce the winner is Spanky’s Beachside!!! Their drink is the Beachside Peach and is made with peach vodka, splashes of pineapple, cranberry and lime juice.  Shake it all about and top with ginger ale! Voila!! If you are lacking peach vodka, substitute straight voddy with peach schnapps! It is absolutely delish and I now officially proclaim and announce that Spanky’s Beachside is the official maker of the 2018 Tybee Island Signature Cocktail!!! A plaque will be delivered to them proclaiming said announcement forthwith (i.e., when Rick gets it done – so eventually!!). Thank you to everyone who participated! It really was a close call and I actually had to do work to count the votes!


May is the best month to be alive! Beach Bum is finally here so let the good times roll! I am so excited to spill all of my secrets I’ve been keeping to myself (haha)! Go read the feature story for all of the details and the inside scoop on our Big Kahuna, Queen and Grand Marshall!! Now that y’all know what they look like – aim your squirt gun at them!!! With love!


This month’s Traveling Beachcomber winner goes to Ann Currington, who happened to be in Orlando, FL at the Jimmy Buffett concert when Jimmy looked over to check out Ann and what she was reading!!! I fell over!!! Great picture Ann! Maybe Jimmy will go to A-J’s with Ann??  Keep on keeping on Jimmy! Beachcomber will make you famous!

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