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The writers all have various opinions that do not neccessarily represent those of Tybee Beachcomber LLC


   As you can see, the December cover is a play on the googly-eyed phenom that has hit Savannah. I love it and yes, there have been some haters, but come on!! It hurts absolutely no one and it all started with revolutionary war general, Nathanael Greene, who we all know by now that he’s been googlied! With all the chaos in the planet, let’s celebrate our googly-eyed bandit as good clean fun and hugely entertaining! Also, no lighthouse was hurt during this photo shoot!

   Moving on to a total whacko fun Beachcomber Christmas Contest (don’t judge us, yes we love contests) that should bring back some great childhood memories, we have placed Christmas Scratch ‘n Sniff stickers on the Features Page of every magazine (that was one hell of a party by the way!). There is either a Noel, a Snowman or a Joy scratch ‘n sniff in every single magazine but one. In one magazine there is a Scratch ‘n Sniff Pickle. If you find that pickle, you will win a $200 gift certificate for a photoshoot with the fabulous and renowned Wen McNally! I can guarantee you that the pickle is on Tybee (sorry subscribers)! Bring me that pickle!

   To wind up 2018, our Traveling Beachcomber winner goes to Ed & Fran Harrington who are seen here clutching our Home Sweet Home edition whilst standing between two rather fierce looking soldiers at the 3rd Infiltration Tunnel in the Demilitarized Zone South Korean side. Just WOW!!! We’ve never been there before! I don’t even think I would have the brass knuckles it requires to get up there for that picture!

   Alright kids! Make me an eggnog, kick up your feet and let’s get to reading! Check for a pickle while you’re at it!