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The writers all have various opinions that do not neccessarily represent those of Tybee Beachcomber LLC


   The Scratch ‘N Sniff Contest was fun and entertaining. You can read all about that Pickle Party on whatever page it lands on between here and the last page. Yes, drinks were drank and we all behaved very badly. Very. Badly. Ask Jummy Prosser, who managed somehow to behave worse than the rest of us … no surprise there.

   Moving along to a Happy January…  I really have nothing more inspiring than just keeping going. Giggle always and just try to be a decent human being are my profound words of advice.  Use your turn signal and tip your waiter and everything else will fall into place … I promise!

   The Traveling Beachcomber continues to haunt me in the best way ever!!! You people take us everywhere and I’m so heartfelt proud of this. We want to showcase each of you on every page, but cannot. Once we become a weekly publication (death first), I will get you all front and center, until then … January’s winner is Stacey Pike and Jake Sadowsky (no relation to the BC’s) who traveled to Scotland to get our attention! Stacey’s brother is an archeologist (woohoo Indiana Jones!!) and is working on an excavation of a Neolithic village in the Orkney Islands. Stacey is standing in front of the Standing Stone. WOW!!! What an opportunity to check out some serious history! For your efforts, off to A-J’s we go!!! Call me!  

   Alright kids! Grab that mimosa (light on the o.j. please) and let’s get it on!!! Happy New Year!!!

   P.S. This has been written two days before the Beachcomber Christmas Party. Let me apologize in advance, and if I go missing, you have 32 people to pick from. Happy Orient Express y’all!