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September has been a rough month for me to put together and I would like to share a special shout out to Dizzy Dean’s. They provide my inspiration! They actually also provide my inspiration for getting out of bed every day, because nothing cooks up a good story like Cabernet Sauvignon.


Our feature story this month is all about the Tybee Island Marine Science Center!! Joy Davis aka Surfer Girl knocked this one out of the park!! Who knew that our little bit of paradise provides such an interesting and educational location to inform us about the environment we are invading and those that inhabited it long before we did. Definitely an article to check out! Thank you, Surfer Girl!!


This month’s Traveling Beachcomber winners are Robert and Anne Green!! They traveled all the way to China!! YES!! We have conquered another continent in our worldly travels!! Thank you to the Greens!! We don’t know where exactly you are in China due to some things lost in translation, but the point is you are there and we LOVE IT!!! Stop by and see me for your gift certificate to A-J’s!! I am back on my conch fritter kick (not that I was ever off of it) and I am a terrific dinner guest (just in case you need a friend to go with you).


As usual, our Beachcomber team has come up with some great articles to entertain you and make you appreciate this spot of paradise we call ours. So, make me a margarita, kick up your feet and go read about the good times straight ahead!!