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The writers all have various opinions that do not neccessarily represent those of Tybee Beachcomber LLC


Can you imagine being anywhere else on this planet? I wonder how other people do it. We live in not only Paradise, but we are surrounded by individuals that will literally give you the shirt off their back. Yes, we may squabble and have a few spats here and there, but when it comes down to the damn nitty gritty, we got this. I have lived in many different places, but I have never seen anything like the guts of what Tybee is made of.

   This November edition is dedicated to just being thankful and happy. November also offers the best holiday ever!! I love me some Thanksgiving. Food, on top of food, and making more food. No presents required. Just eat. It’s one of those holidays where you can drink yourself silly, eat yourself silly and just be a grateful human being with those you love. What could be better than that??? Well, other than the dishes. I just had an epiphany! Do not do the dishes!  Throw them all away and go buy new dishes. Perfect November! Let’s just sit back and enjoy the cooler weather (HA) and take stock of where we are.  

   I am over the moon to announce this month’s winner of the Traveling Beachcomber! We have finally made it to Russia!!! Now, don’t get all political on me. I’m thrilled that we have become so international (except Rudy)!!! Kathy Black-Dennis and her hubby Gary have gotten us there! St. Basil’s Square and Lenin’s Tomb!!! How cool is that! The greatest part is they met a couple in Moscow from Montreal, Canada who had stayed on Tybee! It’s a small world and I am delighted that y’all are here with us at this time and place sharing this adventure of 2017!  Kathy and Gary, y’all are off to A-J’s!! Love that place and I’m down if you need company!  Call me!

   So, grab a hand and say a thanks. Now, go make me a cocktail and let’s get our read on!!