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All you do is bring the bottle and do the dishes. Unless you are the host and then you have some stress going. Good luck with that!  Oooh, what time is din din??


You may have noticed that this m onth’s cover is a bit bloody! For the squeamish, I apologize. For the other 99% of the planet who live and breathe for the Tybee Island Zombies and The Walking Dead every Sunday night, we wanted to do a special feature. Paul Cales and Becca Smeltzer really outdo themselves every month for our morbid entertainment. Their story includes all of our favorite Tybee people and is so believable at being a true possibility that when it does happen, I am calling them first (actually I’m calling Johnny and Cheryl Kerby first because they are the smartest zombie avoiding people I know)!  


This cover shoot was so much fun! If you don’t recognize the people on the cover it is because Baylie McNally is the best makeup artist ever (she knocked out five people in two hours) and our own Rick Flynn is a magician with his bloody wand! Huge thanks go out to (from left to right) Jay Altman, Bobby King, Howard Viar, Garrett Kammeraad and Carrie Fletcher. So many people helped from the behind the scenes too (this stuff just doesn’t just happen). Nell Klein got bloody helping out as did Rudy Rudon, who loaned us necessary supplies, while Samantha Davis at Rip Tide Bar on the Pier was awesome (one cannot do great art without a great margarita and duct tape), and Mac McLellan aka Chief Chief was also on hand with Paul Cales himself (I hear if you buy Paul a drink, he will write you into the story…). Also, a huge shout out to the Tybee Island Fire Department for providing a beach wheelchair for us to use and for everyone standing around watching the blood fly for not calling the police department.


Lastly, but never least, we have been receiving just flat out awesome Traveling Beachcomber pictures! I was accosted last week about when I was going to get to a certain person. Keep your flip flops on y’all!!! We are working as fast as we can and I do try to go in the order from which they were received. Can’t really complain about our awesome readers inundating me with fantastic pictures. So, bear with me, kids! November belongs to Traci James and Jacky Yglesias, who went to Grenada last Thanksgiving to visit Traci’s son, Nicholas, who is attending St. George University there. How cool is that! Love that picture and thanks for taking us with you! Call me and off to A-J’s we go!!! Seriously, you don’t have to take me, but why wouldn’t you? I’m super entertaining (I don’t really eat that much)!  LOL!!!


Let’s get to it, y’all! The temperature is just fine and there is plenty of parking for one and all. Make me a margarita on the rocks, no salt, Luis aka Chiquilin of Agave fame, and off we go … turn that page …