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I would like to start out this month’s diatribe with a shout out to Bobby King to thank him once again for giving me my nickname of Ms Alain Eous. Most everyone on Tybee has a nickname and if you are a local and don’t know your nickers, then it probably isn’t good. I could have been saddled with a nightmare, but Bobby saved me. Bobby, I will buy you a PBR on Tuesday at 9am.! Just kidding. Kind of.





AUG. 25, 2020


I don’t know about you but I’m getting mighty nervous. The Atlantic Ocean has been churning out a lot of storms this summer. I heard that in a normal hurricane season, we have around 12 named storms. As of now we are already on the 10th, and the season really hasn’t gotten started. We are projected to have up to 24 named storms. That means that after we go through the alphabet, we will start on the Greek alphabet! That’s a new one to me.


I can’t believe that I’m already watching the Weather Channel! I’m also checking my Weather app (NOAA Radar) daily. Not that it will do any good, but I’m also praying to the Weather gods. Surely they know that our sweet spot of Paradise should be spared.


In the meantime, we should all start thinking about what we need to do, just in case. So, once again, I’m sharing with you a list of things that I feel is important:


1. If there is a Mandatory Evacuation you need to LEAVE. No IFS, ANDS or BUTS about it. I’m sure everyone has heard the stories of the ones who stayed for Matthew and Irma. They are all downright frightening and I surely hope everyone who stayed has learned their lesson and will leave next time. Everything can be replaced people … except your lives.


2. Take all important documents with you. This includes insurance policies, property records, marriage and birth certificates, passports, wills, health records and insurance cards, prescriptions, and last but not least, personal items that cannot be replaced, such as photos and letters.


3. Secure your home. Lock doors and windows, unplug all electrical devices except for freezers and refrigerators, and secure lawn items. Things that you will not be taking, but are still important (I mean, you can’t take everything!) need to be off the floor, in case of flooding. I learned this the hard way.